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Our Economy; or the Life in United States of America. Written by Demyan Lavor.

Our Economy; or the Life in United States of America. Written by Demyan Lavor.
Economy, gas prices that going up and down, or you’re in bad financial situations, stock market taking all yours money, maybe you’re business going out of business, maybe your “friends” don’t even want to talk to you because you poor now and they don’t need you like that, maybe you must do bankruptcy as soon as passable, maybe you even want to kill yourself because you don’t know a way out of your problems to the better life, you don’t see a better future ahead, or you already give up and don’t want to do anything in your life because you think that you’ll fail again and you afraid to start a business, maybe you have a lot of debt that is almost impossible to pay off, maybe your wife or husband left you alone , and you want to find out why it is all happening to you like that, and now you’re mad at God and people because in your life everything is very shocking and horrible. Maybe even more terrible then that… Maybe you will die tomorrow and you know that. I will tell you… I understand you…. In my life I had that kind of experience too, I thought I going to die and when people see that you’re in trouble they don’t want to help you, they always busy for you, they always have an excuse not to help you but they never have a problem to put you down and tell you how bad are you now and what was you supposed to do to avoid that situation… and like I said seems like they “care” but when you’re asking for help they go away… Not many people out there that want to help you but there is some…
You know… when I had crises in my life… I start to understand why… God start to open my eyes and He showed me what and where I did wrong… You might say “I don’t care about God I can fix my life myself, I can do it by myself” a lot of us thinking that way even right now but now I understand that those thoughts were wrong and selfish and unrespectful to God.
A lot of us think that WE CAN DO IT WITHOUT GOD! WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can’t do anything without God everything in His hands whether people like it or not. A lot of people saying that there is no God and we came from some kinds bacteria, honestly it’s funny for me about “bacteria”, I’m sure and believe and know for 100% that God made us and He is our creator and creator of everything!
There is something very important that I want to tell you right now… Without God your minds will go to the WRONG direction. When you trust God, He always looking for you in any situation does not matter how bad economy is in our country or even in the whole world, He will always give you happiness in your life because Real Happiness is only in God, there is no real happiness without Him. There is only sadness and broken heart… Yeah you might pretend to be happy but inside you won’t be inside you will straggle to death…
Even if your life is “perfect” right now without Him, always remember that it won’t be like that forever even if it will… Always remember that devil wants your soul and he don’t care how, he might even give you money and all that “fancy” stuff but believe me it’s nothing compare to God’s Kingdom… I know that already that money cannot buy happiness only life in God and with God can make you happy person forever… Before I was going to casino a lot and there is so many people I would say 90% is over 65 years old and they will die soon but still they spending their life in “house of slavery” they are slaves to casino, and it’s very sad to me… Yeah… that kind of people, I mean over 65 or retired, they don’t need anything else in their life… They had everything already and they are getting ready to die, honestly. It’s just so sad that there are so many people in need and other people spending their money unwisely… I will even tell you more… we all will give an explanation why we spend our money unwisely… and I know I will too… It’s just my goals are right know to live different, to live with God… and I’m praying to Him to help me…. And I’ll tell you what, He’s helped and helping me a lot! I’m so glad that He is My God… I’m so glad that Jesus Christ died for me on the cross for my sins… I’m so glad that God loves me so much that He give His only ONE son-Jesus Christ to died for me and for you for our sins… but so many people do not want to appreciate it and they are continue to sin and to hurt God.
I know! There is only one way out from our crises. IT IS ONLY GOD! Nothing and NOBODY else will help us… Only Jesus Christ can really help us in our problems, ONLY HOLY GOD!
P.S. I publishing that, but still, I will finish my thoughts soon so you can read it in FULL VERSION. I’m sorry for that inconveniences! May God Bless YOU and your Life!


Written by Demyan Lavor

December 28, 2008 at 12:15 am

Posted in Business, Christianity

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