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“THE LIFE” Written by Demyan Lavor or

“The Life” Written by Demyan Lavor.


Can I ask you a question? What do you really think about your life?… In actuality, let’s be honest?! Does your life satisfy you for one hundred present? Does your life need help? Do you need to change something in your life? If so, why and what is that? Do you want something or need something?… Because there is a big differentiation between “those”. Why go to go to school, then college, then university, then work at a high paying job, then a nice car, of course, that requires 20% of the monthly salary, then a house, another 50%. Then bills and right after that dip depression, hopelessness, sadness. (Remember, you must live wise and smart to be free from the slavery!) Why we read all kind of books that not even helping us in reality? (There is the only one book that helped me, so far, it is The Holy Bible) We can often ask ourselves those unique questions, but the answers are out somewhere where a lot of us are does not even know… And the only answer that I found, so far, its almighty GOD!

I, personally, know that God are exist and He is everywhere even in the hell. He is the creator of everything there is. You might disagree but it’s true! He is so amazing and all-power, love, life, death, minds and everything there is are His!

Hmm…. What about people!!! Who are we?... Do we supposed to do anything for Him or we just have to live for our own pleasure?

God created us like He was (as an example)**… Smart, strong, creative, wise, he gives us to control everything and do it for our own enjoyment and pleasure! But devil, His enemy, saw that, and he made Adam and Eve sin, and because of Adams sin all people after Adam are sinners… It is not right you will say, but it is reality and the truth! We can’t dispute on that one because it’s a fact! ** And because of that God send His only Son Jesus Christ to save the world from the sin (satan) and because Jesus Christ died on the cross and have risen on the third day from the death He became our Lord and God and our Savior!

Let’s see what did Jesus Christ, our Lord, said about “The Life”**

P.S. I will continue writing!


Written by Demyan Lavor

October 6, 2008 at 5:37 pm

Posted in Christianity

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