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Hello everybody, and thank you for reading my article about job, business and money making businesses on internet and/or off the internet (in real life). YES you can make GREAT and BIG MONEY on internet but it is not that easy as you might think (but very passable) plus you are really have to know what exactly you are doing, if not you might be in a big trouble …. A lot of people, sometimes even I personally, think that “real life job” is a little bit better; it’s MORE SECURE you know??? But, those “more secure jobs” will not move you ahead, you’ll work there forever and ever and if you’ll stop you will lose EVERYTHING! Home, Car, Life-that in most of the cases… I had met so MANY people who worked all their lives at one ” company” and can’t even afford to have a cellular phone, it’s sad, really sad… Is in it???
Can we do something to change our paycheck to paycheck lifestyle??? I think YES we CAN, in fact, we should do that LOONG time ago… but we do not do it WHY??? I don’t know why… may be because we are having a lot of stuff to do?…. or too tired?… or have to work whole lot just to pay for our bills?…. or maybe because our car broke down?… or family problems?… or… or… or… to many orssss….. LET”S JUST DO IT!!!! Let’s start being happier more richly more unscarred to do something in our life’s to improve it spiritually and financially….

If you are business man it is for you!!!>>> Let’s do our business with everybody not with just “V.I.P. people that we like or choose to be with” but do our BUSINESS with everybody!!! Let’s help for each other’s so then we’ll receive help from others!!! Ohh yeeesss I almost forgot !!! Please NEVER put on your BUSINESS doors any signs against ANY BUSINESS (except something morally bad) because if you will YOU WILL FAIL!!!! And I don’t want you to fail, I want you to SUCCEED and always be successful !!!!
Let ALL BUSINESSES come to you!!! You don’t have to purchase ANYTHING you might just listen those business people and THANK them that they actually came to YOUR doors, than wish them a GOOD BUSINESS for future, and you’ll see you will have a GREAT RETURN!!! Because as you do well for people, people will do well for you! ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT!!! YES, I know, you might say that it’s not something that a lot of businesses do, and yes and I will agree with !!! But, usually, those businesses go OUT OF BUSINESS, if not they soon WILL BE, you don’ believe me??? You will see it yourself!!! Do you want to be OUT OF BUSINESS??? If not, then remove your “no soliciting” sign and put another one like >>> WELOME ALL SOLICITERS!!! You will see people will go to your doors and they will NEED ALL BUSINESS THAT YOU DO!!! Not part of it!!! ALL OF IT!!! Because by doing that you will open a HUGE business doors to your own business and you WILL BE in respect and in success coming to you every single day MORE and MORE and MORE!!! And it will never stop unless you will change your minds and look at others AGAIN and do what those “OUT OF BUSINESS COMPANYS” do….
P.S. Thank you for reading I will write more, see you soon! God bless you!!


Written by Demyan Lavor

September 19, 2008 at 2:52 am

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